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Best in town: I have been a customer of Loving Care Kennels for almost 10 years now. I want to say how kind, friendly and helpful both Lida and Colleen are. I have been at the kennel many times when new customers call and they are always asked if the dog or cat is updated on their shots and vacinations. There are never any exceptions to the rules. I say this because my mother has been a customer for 15+ years and she never assumed my cat had proper vacinations. She asked what and when they where given. If a customer calls and their animal is not properly vacinated she always refers them to a local clinic that will update them. Lida not only runs a sucessful buisness but is very active in the local shelters and always has space for abused or abondonded animals whether in the kennel or in her own home. I would refer Loving Care Kennels to any one who asks me for a good place to board thier pet.

Fine kennel: We had Kodi there for a week. He seemed to be well-cared-for. (Kodi is a 65 pound husky who was previously starved and abused and sometimes acts the bully until he understands that the handlers are on to him.) The facility is as clean as every other good kennel we have used. Their hours are more convenient than some in the area. Be sure to know that they don't take credit cards.

Randy Mace
Loving Care Kennels is great. We are from Minnesota and we had a family reunion in Gatlinburg for a week. I had a chance to visited the kennel half way through the week and when our dog, Sega, saw me she was excited but then went back to interacting with the other dogs and Lida. We have been back for about a week now and we can tell that Sega was well cared for. Colleen even fixed our attempt at cutting Sega's hair before we went to Tennessee.

Steve Every
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